CityBreeze Air Purifier

Our mission is clear: clean & fresh air for all city residents. To achieve this, we focus first and foremost on solutions with an immediate effect. We want better air now! And we start where as many people as possible benefit from it.

City Breeze

Green Meets Screen

However, the city is a very tightly meshed and planning-intensive space, so that rapid change and immediate impact are countered by little usable space and long decision-making paths. CityBreeze takes up this challenge.

On one side of the CityBreeze is a green, vitalising moss wall and on the other a 75 inch LCD screen. The sleek design creates a variety of use cases. We are looking for high-traffic locations, such as in a mall, supermarket car park or busy square. We are eager to hear your proposal!

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City Breeze

CityBreeze Advantages

The vitalising mosses in the CityBreeze have been proven to filter up to 82% of fine dust from the air.

The 75 inch LCD screen in combination with urban light design ensures pin sharp messages in Full HD.

The green moss wall cools and humidifies the surrounding air and surprises with a pleasant breeze.


Sustainable Advertising

The CityBreeze combines air purification through natural moss filters with a digital advertising space. The combination of digital outdoor advertising and fine dust filters makes sense: both information and advertising, as well as the selective increase in air quality, are placed where as many people as possible will react to and benefit from them. Existing advertising locations can be used and sustainably upgraded by the technology with smart multiple benefits.

We provide a full installation and support

Vertical Solutions offers complete maintenance during warranty and post-warranty period. Estimates are being calculated by project managers, that manage the project from the beginning until the very end. Be sure that your equipment will be installed as optimally as possible. We also guarantee quality timely support.

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