Steora City Bench

With futuristic looks that lift any public space City bench packs tons of environmental sensors, Qi and USB device charges, provides ambient light. Can be upgraded to deliver advanced OOH advertising via a display in the base and an AI camera that can segment passers-by and serve ads relevant to them.

Steora City Bench

Urban Space Upgrade

Charges the world. The seat hides vandal proof polycarbonate solar panels that feed an intelligent Li-ion battery pack able to track the weather. AI spreads the collected electricity over time to serve more users.

Illuminates the night. Bottom of the seat houses LED strips controlled by an ambient light sensor that tracks natural lighting conditions and turns on automatically. If you prefer, you can set the time the light turns on using Solos dashboard.

Feels everything. Sensors in the City bench track temperature, humidity, pressure - it can even count how many people sat on it, how long they stayed, did they charge their devices over USB or Qi fast adaptive chargers. City feels and knows everything that goes on.

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Steora City

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