jCharge e-Scooter Charger

The charging station for electric scooters and bicycles is a fully modular and autonomous product, designed for the development of micro-electromobility in cities...

SEEDiA e-Scooter Charger

Universal e-mobility
City Charger

The charging station for scooters and electric bicycles is a fully modular and autonomous product, designed for the development of micro-electromobility in cities. Operation requiring no external power supply is made possible by efficient solar panels and dedicated electronics that report device status and have special algorithms to manage device charging energy. In the default configuration, the station consists of 4 charging stations in the form of 2 low and 2 high poles. Each pole is equipped with a universal vertical slot, which alternatively enables also docking of a bicycle. The posts are equipped with double-sided grips that stabilize the scooter’s handlebars.

jCharge has three pillars:
Versatility – the system is based on artificial intelligence modules, which allows you to match the charging method to the connected device. This is a very big relief in a situation where there are many types of scooters and electric bikes in the city.
Innovation – our charging stations are the answer to the needs of the future. All cities that want to remove smog from their streets need to work on using renewable energy sources in their operations. jCharge is part of your city’s green strategy.
Order in the city – with charging stations, scooters will finally be fully green and orderly, making your city fully sustainable.

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SEEDiA e-Scooter Charger

e-Scooter Charger Features

PV Power: 340 W
Battery: 60 Ah
Charging voltage: 40-58 V
Operation: off grid/on grid
Chargeable vehicles: scooters/bikes
Height: 2461 mm
Width: 1978 mm
Remote management: Yes
Performance analysis: Yes
Interactive LED (dark and motion sensor): Yes
Integration with operators: Yes
Modularity: Yes
Rust protection: Yes
Versatility (possibility of charging various scooters and electric bikes): Yes

We provide a full installation and support

Vertical Solutions offers complete maintenance during warranty and post-warranty period. Estimates are being calculated by project managers, that manage the project from the beginning until the very end. Be sure that your equipment will be installed as optimally as possible. We also guarantee quality timely support.

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