Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier is an integrated stand-alone device, that can be used in outdoor areas as street furniture, or in indoor areas, to reduce existing pollutants in the air and purify it to create clean environments that help people's breathing, reducing the risks of vascular and respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.

Indoor models


→ For surfaces up to 150m²
→ Flow: 300 m3/h
→ With led screen available soon

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→ For surfaces up to 160m²
→ Flow: 400 m3/h
→ With led screen available soon

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→ For surfaces up to 800m²
→ Flow: 2000 m3/h
→ 55`led screen

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Outdoor models


→ For surfaces up to 700-1400m²
→ Flow: 4000 m3/h
→ 65` led screen

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→ For surfaces from 1400-2700m²
→ Flow: 8000 m3/h
→ 65` led screen

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→ For surfaces up to 2700m²
→ Flow: 12000 m3/h
→ 75` led screen

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Urban Air Purifier

Urban Air Purifier Technology

UAP uses an innovative technology that reduces the pollutants in indoor and outdoor environments below dangerous limits. It uses a patented combination of filters, catalysts and chemical reactions, using the latest technology of high environmental filtration, which achieve a significant reduction of pollutants: suspended particulates PM10 and PM2.5, NOx, VOCs (benzene, acetylene, GPL), NO2, CO, O3 and SOx.

Each UAP unit can work individually or they can be installed in groups to cover large areas. Working in groups they create huge "bubbles" of clean air, ideal for outdoor or huge indoor areas, as streets, parks, shopping centres and underground stations.

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Urban Air Purifier

UAP Features

— Areas of 120 m² - 2700 m²
— Noise (1 m) 52 dB - 65 dB
— Rated power 220 W - 4500 W
— Weight 40 kg - 1013 kg
— Filter H14 absolute filter, PM1 - PM10
— Display 22 - 75 inches
— Disinfection of an ultraviolet lamp with UV-C light
— Flow rate of 300 m3 /h - 12000 m3 /h
— Range of 6 m - 50 m

system against SARS-CoV-2

Urban Air Purifier system against SARS-CoV-2

Coronavirus Filtration
Evaluation of the virucidal activity of the Urban Air Purifier (UAP400) system against SARS-CoV-2

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