Solar Powered
Bus Shelter

Solar powered bus stops are energy independent city devices providing informative and multimedia functionalities for citizens, as well as protecting from external urban factors...

SEEDiA Bus Shelter

How to optimize public transport costs?

Collective transport is an integral part of a complex urban grid. Urban change is causing constant changes in both the type of fleet used (the trend of investment in electric buses) and the accompanying infrastructure. Solar sheds reduce installation and power supply costs to zero, and the use of an e-paper display and management incity.io fully automate schedule management. Thanks to the possibility of creating schedules of timetables, the cost of trips to stops drops to zero, and each shed generates 20-30 thousand $ savings per year.

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SEEDiA Bus Shelter

Smart Bus Shelter Features

PV Power: 1200 W
Battery: 512 Ah
31,2 inch display: Yes
Online displays control: Yes
Interactive LED (dark and motion sensor): Yes
Smog sensor (PM 2,5, PM 10, Temp., Humidity): Yes
USB: x4
Inductive charger: x4
Rust protection: Yes
Audio: Yes

We provide a full installation and support

Vertical Solutions offers complete maintenance during warranty and post-warranty period. Estimates are being calculated by project managers, that manage the project from the beginning until the very end. Be sure that your equipment will be installed as optimally as possible. We also guarantee quality timely support.

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