Binology Smart Waste Management

Binology is a smart solar-powered trash compactor which can hold up to 8 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%.


Binology Smart Urban Solution

Binology is a developer and producer of smart urban solutions for efficient and sustainable waste management. The primary goal is to replace outdated waste collection technologies with such smart city solutions as IoT solar compacting containers. Those containers have fill-level measurement and garbage bins fullness sensors, synergized with intellectual cloud software.
It is compatible with standard 120L wheelie bins for easy and safe trash removal. Our solution communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to SmartCity Management, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. Binology in addition can be equipped with various optional features such as LED backlight, LCD panel, graphic wraps, and WiFi router.


Binology Features

— Solar-powered batteries
— Container fill level measurement
— Automatic waste compaction as filling
— Separate collection of MSW
— Modern appearance and space-saving design
— Intelligent control depending on environmental parameters



Optional Features

— Waste level sensor, IoT controller
— Foot pedal
— Smoke detector
— Tilt-kick sensor
— Location tracker (GPS/GLONASS module)
— Data link (GSM module)
— IAQ-sensor (air quality sensor)
— Weather station (temperature, humidity, pressure)
— Cigarette receptacle (ashtray)
— Pet waste bag dispenser
— Wrap advertising
— Advertising side panels optional interactive
— Advertising video displays (24/7)
— Remote ad-content management
— Wi-Fi hotspot
Binology SmartCity Management 3-Year subscription

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