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Mission Statement

During the opening of our company we were guided by a number of questions:

— Will our activity be useful?
— Will our business bring sufficient profit for its existence and development?
— What can our firm bring to the society and the Republic of Latvia?

We would like to get an answer from You — our esteemed partners and clients, to the first and third questions.

But there’s also the big question, which concerns us as responsible people. We want to put it the first and we want to solve it, as best as we can. The question of the outflow of our citizens, the outflow of the nation’s gene pool and the loss of the unique people who could benefit our beautiful country. We want to provide decent wages, harmonious working conditions and give hope that it is possible and necessary to live in the Motherland, to develop it and bring benefits for its prosperity. Who’s gonna do it if we don’t? Don’t think it’s pathetic, there is no pathos here.

P.S. All the above is inspired by the hopes of the departed and remaining citizens and the quote by Winston Churchill: "No star will shine until there’s someone holding a black cloth behind”. We want our country to shine, and we want to be one of those who will hold a black cloth behind.


Anzelika Luksa

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